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Just about everyone in Philadelphia listens to radio news anchor Ryan Healy. Each day, as his listeners go through their morning routines, he tells them about the weather and traffic conditions, who won the game last night and everything else that's going on around the city and around the world. The only thing Ryan Healy doesn't share with his listeners is anything about himself...and that's the story they would really want to hear.

A third-generation Irish-American, Ryan marries his high school sweetheart with expectations of having a big house with lots of children.  But it was not to be, eventually leading Ryan to believe his wife has deceived him. His Catholic upbringing challenges his conscience as he seeks revenge.  Adding to the conflict, he suddenly finds himself fending off temptation from a young lady he rescues from date rape…or does he?  Even more stress comes from the devious advances of a new co-anchor, not to mention the ever-present pressure of having to grow his audience ratings.

Ryan later finds redemption in an unexpected relationship that includes attending to the needs of her young daughter.  She's battling a serious illness, the implications of which are far greater than Ryan could have ever imagined.

Anchor subtly swirls around the conflict of love and hate, leaving Ryan Healy grappling with whether or not both can exist within the same relationship.  And, if so, which one eventually prevails. Think you know how it all turns out?  Well then, you’re better than author Marc Kuhn.  In his trademark startling fashion, he didn’t know how the story ended until it all unfolded as he wrote the final chapter!